What others are saying about my Training, Education & Mentoring

It was by far and away the most affordable and best value course on Property Development that we could find……the ability to analyse real sites in our own backyard made it more real…..we now have the understanding of knowing what parameters we need to look for in a site, and also have the confidence to know if a site will be profitable or otherwise……..it was excellent and we can really recommend it.

Robert & Kathy

The Property Developer 101 course is by far the most comprehensive property development site acquisition course in Australia that has equipped me with a process, the knowledge and skills and confidence to find profitable property development deals.

Matt Campbell

Director, Quantum Projects

Before I did PD101 I was struggling with researching properties online effectively – exactly what to look for, and equally importantly, whether there was a profit to be made.  After Rob’s two day intensive, I finally knew exactly what I should be looking for, and how to check each component online.  Four months later I had my first deal!  Rob uses language that’s easy to understand and his course is practical and down-to-earth.  Highly recommended!

Rachel Murphy

This is a terrific two day intensive course designed to help prospective property developers finding their way around the Brisbane City Council Website, working through real deal examples, developing the skill to quickly discard a property if it does not meet the required development criteria, as well as a strong focus on problem solving techniques. I found the course extremely useful.

Ruti Meyer

I learnt so much in this course, thank you Rob! Invaluable material and very engaging style. 😊


Great as always thanks Rob looking forward to the new Feaso Tool looks great 👍👍👍 A++

Anish Morris

This program is absolutely fantastic, Robs method of teaching is engaging and both days were filled with great content.

Marc Perrott

Thank you Rob! You’ve shown us the door, and how to walk through it, and got us walking through it a few times. Even though property development is a complex area, and there are so much to learn more, I feel I know enough to get started now. By the way, you’ve got an amazing skill in simplifying complex concepts without losing its original meaning.

Khoa Tran

This is the second time I have attended this course as a refresh and I think I loved it even more than the first. Great turnout too! Rob has so much information and experience to share. It’s a very unique detailed course providing real life site analysis scenarios. We are shown how to use the online tools required to analyse sites effectively and efficiently. Rob covers so many areas, some of which are project funding options, high level suburb analysis, zoning’s, what makes a site suitable for development, site yields & creating feasibilities. I cannot recommend this course highly enough if you are struggling with where or how to start!!! Thanks Rob, fabulous course.

Alex Woods

This is by far the best money we have spent in learning about property. If you want to learn how to analyse a sute for development potential then this is a must do.

Ian and Julie Schuller

Great couple of days. Content rich, Rob throws a huge amount of detail into his course. This course is great for beginners and for those wanting to find out a few handy tricks of the trade. Highly recommended.

Helen Foreman

Rob’s education is, for me, the link between the theoretical and grass roots practicalities of property development and site analysis. Rob was able to clearly answer any questions, and back up his answers with real life examples from his experience. His expert instruction will challenge you to think for yourself, inspire you, give you confidence, and set you on a well directed path to further educate yourself. I will definitely be booking more time with Rob in the near future!

Paul Hudson